Toys in the crib…Yay or Nay?

Some would would say yes…however I always recommend to keep the crib free of anything but 1 lovey (for comfort) and here’s why!

I believe it’s best to start teaching our little people as early as possible, that their crib is for sleep and sleep only. Having a good sleep inducing environment is very important when teaching our little ones to sleep well. So I say let’s keep bedtime more so on the “boring ” side of things!? Surely anything is more fun than sleeping for most 2yr olds…so why not just avoid the issue before it even becomes a problem?

During the toddler years, bedtime/naptime boundaries will most definitely be tested from time to time. Sure it doesn’t sound so bad if little Ben plays quietly at 4:30am and you get to sleep in till 6..however when meltdown mode hits at 10am ..not so much fun for anyone. Or when Susie decides that reading books in her crib instead of taking a much needed nap is what she wants to do today…well so much for going out for a pleasant family supper that evening?

Children need their sleep to function well during the day. Keeping the crib free of any distractions helps them understand that while in there, it’s time to sleep and that’s it!

??Enjoy this beautiful fall weekend!??