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Isabelle Wiebe

Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant


This is My Story

Once upon a time… I was in your shoes. An exhausted first time mom who wasn’t sure where to turn. My name is Isabelle Wiebe, founder of Tiny Leaps Big Changes Sleep Consulting. I am a proud oilfield/farmer’s wife and mother of 3!  As well as one of the first Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultants in the Peace Region/NW Alberta.

I decided to embark on this journey of becoming a sleep consultant after seeing how much implementing healthy sleep habits and routines not only helped my first baby girl sleep better at night, but also improved our everyday quality of life. From the day she was born I thought she was nothing short of an amazing little human being … but once she started getting quality sleep her whole demeanor changed and she was even sweeter and brighter than she already was! That’s when I realized teaching her to sleep well was one of the best things I could have ever taught her. I became very passionate about the whole topic and decided to take it a step further. I want to help those parents who like myself, can’t just “nap when the baby naps”, or relieve the exhaustion with fresh air or a diet change. With my husband being away for work as much as he has to be, and most of the parenting duties lying on my shoulders, I felt it was important for not only my baby to get quality sleep, but for my own well being as well. Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids.


When the opportunity came knockin…I couldn’t pass it up! I was personally handpicked to be part of an extensive training and mentorship program with world renowned sleep expert Dana Obleman herself, creator of the The Sleep Sense™Program. Everything happens for a reason and THIS is what I was meant to do!


If you’re struggling with your child’s sleep I can help! Book your free 15 min. sleep evaluation with me today. We can discuss the issues you are having, and talk about what options would be best for you and your family.

-Isabelle Wiebe

Book your free 15 min telephone evaluation with me today!

This gives us a chance to discuss the issues you are having and come up with some ideas for a solution.

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