Got a cat napper on your hands? Are 30-45 min naps followed by unexplained crankiness shortly thereafter common in your house? Oh how I remember those days…it literally felt like I spent my entire day trying to get my baby to just nap! ? She was clearly tired, so why wouldn’t she just SLEEP? Beyond exhausting?

So what causes them? Read on to find out?

A sleep cycle for a baby is typically 30-45 mins, after which there is a brief awakening before falling into another sleep cycle. To be able to sleep longer than 1 cycle, babies need 1 very important thing! To be able to fall asleep completely independentlyIf they cannot fall asleep without assistance, they will definitely struggle to consolidate sleep cycles = short naps.

Falling asleep independently is a skill that requires practice. If you remain consistent with your naptime routine, and allow your little one to keep practicing his independent sleep skills, naps will get longer!
If your little one has just recently learned how to sleep through the night, it can take a few weeks for daytime sleep to fall into place. There’s a few things you can also do to help the process…

*Watch your baby’s “awake window”. Being awake too long will make it harder for baby to settle and sleep peacefully. On the other hand if your baby isn’t awake long enough, the need for sleep just won’t be there.

*Remain consistent in allowing your baby to fall asleep independently.

*Block out any light from coming into your baby’s room.

*Try to be quiet, around the 30 min mark especially. When that brief awakening happens, if there are no distractions, it can help your baby to just naturally fall into another sleep cycle.

Now, if you’re baby is not yet sleeping through the night, that is the 1st thing you will want to tackle. Nighttime sleep has to be good, before you can expect to see improvement with daytime sleep.

Not sure how to do that? The methods I use have currently helped over 57 000 families around the world. I’d love to help your family next! Book your free call with me today so we can discuss the issues you are having and come up with some ideas for a solution!